Neurodiversity & Disability Training for Organisations

Is your team confident with neurodiverse and disabled customers?

Can your team easily define neurodiversity and disability?

Are you confident that you can hire and retain neurodiverse and disabled talent?

If not, then then neurodiversity and disability training will help your organisation.

Bua offers neurodiversity and disability training for organisations to become better at inclusion and accessibility. With specific training, your business can attract more diverse customers, and recruit and retain more diverse talent. Find out about our other offerings for organisations here.

“I thought it was really good and informative as it taught me things I may have not looked out for but now I know to be more cautious”

Attendee to Bua neurodiversity training for Customer Operations
Two women sat at a laptop. One woman is visibly listening while the other points to the laptop screen, explaining something.

We’ve previously run lectures and workshops:

  • Supporting neurodiverse FinTech customers with the customer operations teams.
  • Learning about neurodiverse and intersectional candidates with recruitment teams.
  • Working with hiring managers to support retention of disabled and neurodiverse talent.

Prices start at £350 for a one-off session.

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“I honestly thought it was great and should be provided to the wider company, especially product teams. There were lots of things I didn’t know/think about like neurodiverse friendly fonts and colour contrasts. Really opened my eyes.”

Attendee to Bua neurodiversity training for Customer Operations

Previous clients include:

About Bua

Headshot of Caitriona Snell

Caitriona Snell founded Bua in 2021 after finishing Year Here. Bua was founded to increase disabled and neurodiverse employment and inclusion in salaried roles. Bua celebrates the variety of talents neurodiverse and disabled people have, into an under-represented industry.

Cat’s background is in marketing, managing international projects for a global team, as well as lived experience with neurodiversity and creative projects.

Bua is a lived experience-first organisation, meaning everyone that works with Bua has lived experience of disability, including long-term health conditions, and/or neurodiversity.