Diversity and Inclusion Consulting For Organisations

Bua offers diversity and inclusion consulting for places of business. Bua catalyses change for organisations to be more inclusive with disabled and neurodiverse people.

Bua offers practical blueprints and frameworks that are customised for your business, to support you in being more inclusive. By purchasing Bua’s products or services, you will be helping to train and employ disabled and neurodiverse talent through Bua’s training scheme.

Why should you prioritise disabled and neurodiverse talent?

JP Morgan Chase reports its autistic employees achieve on average 48-140% more work than their neurotypical colleagues. SAP benefits from a 90% retention rate of employees that are part of its Autism At Work programme.

Increasing productivity and retention saves money that translates to the bottom line. McKinsey reports that companies in the top 25% for diversity achieve a 36% uplift in profitability. Similarly, Boston Consulting Group states that companies with the most diverse leadership teams have innovation revenue up to 19% higher.

Beyond the data-driven benefits, increasing diversity reduces group think, increases employee well-being and retention and is great for recruitment, branding and PR. And beyond the business benefits, supporting every single individual to achieve their full potential in an equal society is the responsibility of everyone.

What we provide

Digital guides to improve accessibility

These are perfect for smaller businesses, or those looking to make their initial first-steps into accessibility. Additionally, they are useful for organisations with cost-restrictions that don’t want to skimp on results.

Consultancy to improve diversity, inclusion and accessibility

Bua offers a range of modules for organisations, that lead you through inclusion and accessibility:

  1. Lilac Level: Awareness session / inclusion talk or workshop
  2. Neon Level: Awareness plus Bua training website logo sponsorship
  3. Violet Level: Employee feedback – surveys and interviews
  4. Deep Purple Level: Co-created strategy for change

Get in touch with Cat to discuss how each level could work for your business.

Our diversity and inclusion packages are intended to guide you, depending on what your need is. Just want a one-off awareness talk about disability and neurodiversity inclusion? Go for the Lilac Level. Or maybe you’re intending to undergo a more systematic review at your organisation? Check out the Violet and Deep Purple options.

Each package is available to customise. Prices are not listed, but can be provided upon request. Whatever way you want to move forward, send us a short email (click here) about what you’re interested in and we can guide you from there.

Lilac Level

An interactive talk about disability and neurodiversity inclusion for any size business looking to dip their toe into the space of inclusivity and accessibility. In the Lilac Level, you get Bua’s diversity and inclusion talk for your business.

Neon Level

The Lilac Level available as a talk or workshop, plus logo presence on Bua’s training platform for disabled and neurodiverse talent.

Violet Level

The Neon Level plus a custom accessibility and inclusivity review and report for your business. This includes a survey of employees, clients and partners that is aimed to help you define what steps you need to take to being more inclusive and accessible.

Deep Purple Level

You get everything, plus a co-created strategy for change developed over 6-12 weeks (depending on the size of your organisation). Not only will we survey your employees, clients and partners, we will work with you to design tangible next steps aligned with your goals.

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