Increase disabled and neurodiverse talent in your organisation

Bua allows you to support your business to improve its recruitment, retention and growth of talent, to improve disabled and neurodiverse representation.

Not only that, but by working with Bua, you’ll be supporting free entry-level training, learning and mentoring for disabled and neurodiverse individuals of every age, across the UK. It costs Bua about £250 for every individual we support, assuming they take advantage of everything we offer. So – thanks for supporting us.

For your business, you have a couple of options of how you can improve your disabled and neurodiverse talent recruitment, retention and growth. We have some very affordable digital guides for recruitment and digital considerations to improve your accessibility. You can download those below. Or we have a number of customisable packages, designed to combine promoting your business to individuals involved with Bua (therefore boosting your brand awareness and recruitment opportunities), with neurodiversity and disability inclusion awareness training for your employees.

If you have any questions, you can always get in touch to discuss these further.

Very insightful and informative”

Attendee to Bua neurodiversity training for Customer Operations

Why should you prioritise disabled and neurodiverse talent?

JP Morgan Chase reports its autistic employees achieve on average 48-140% more work than their neurotypical colleagues. SAP benefits from a 90% retention rate of employees that are part of its Autism At Work programme.

Increasing productivity and retention saves money that translates to the bottom line. McKinsey reports that companies in the top 25% for diversity achieve a 36% uplift in profitability. Similarly, Boston Consulting Group states that companies with the most diverse leadership teams have innovation revenue up to 19% higher.

Beyond the data-driven benefits, increasing diversity reduces group think, increases employee well-being and retention and is great for recruitment, branding and PR. And beyond the business benefits, supporting every single individual to achieve their full potential in an equal society is the responsibility of everyone.

What we provide

Digital guides to improve accessibility

These are perfect for smaller businesses, or those looking to make their initial first-steps into accessibility. Additionally, they are useful for organisations with cost-restrictions that don’t want to skimp on results.

Customisable packages to increase disabled/neurodiverse talent recruitment, retention and growth

Bua offers a range of customisable options for your business. To see the full offer information and prices, please email Cat here.

“I thought it was really good and informative as it taught me things I may have not looked out for but now I know to be more cautious”

Attendee to Bua neurodiversity training for Customer Operations

Lilac Level

Entry-level recruitment support, neurodiversity/disability awareness training, logo placements and promotions on the Bua training website.

Violet Level

Lilac level plus an inclusion audit of your organisation, increased recruitment support and more PR and social media opportunities.

Indigo Level

You get everything, plus mentorship support with Bua (boosting employee volunteering and/or CSR efforts), bespoke course contributions and logo placements and access to alum information.

Who we’ve worked with before

“I honestly thought it was great and should be provided to the wider company, especially product teams. There were lots of things I didn’t know/think about like neurodiverse friendly fonts and colour contrasts. Really opened my eyes.”

Attendee to Bua neurodiversity training for Customer Operations