Knowing your rights as a disabled person in applications and employment

Knowing your rights is crucial, regardless of your circumstances. If you know your rights, you’ll always be able to exercise them accordingly. Whilst everyone has the same fundamental rights in the UK, it’s important to understand that some groups have extra protection against discrimination. Those of us with disabilities and neurodiversities included. There can beContinue reading “Knowing your rights as a disabled person in applications and employment”

Interviewing a prospective employer

Being interviewed for a job can be stressful. I always feel a sense of pride if I make it to the interview stage, but I’m still always nervous. Whether I declare my disability during the application process depends on the position I’m after. However, during an interview it naturally comes up because, even though itContinue reading “Interviewing a prospective employer”

How to demonstrate useful skills while job hunting

If you’ve been working, training or job hunting you’ll have come across the terms “hard and soft skills”. Hard skills are defined as skills that are abilities and knowledge you have that are related to your job. Soft skills on the other hand are qualities that relate to your personality and how they assist youContinue reading “How to demonstrate useful skills while job hunting”

Green Flags to Look For as a Disabled Job Seeker

You don’t need me to tell you how hard job hunting is. You already know. If you’re reading this article, you probably also understand the extra difficulty of job hunting when you have a disability. As a person with cerebral palsy, I know how hard job hunting can be. It feels like we must workContinue reading “Green Flags to Look For as a Disabled Job Seeker”

9 Tips To Prep For A Job Interview

So, you’re in the thick of it, job hunting, and someone finally offers you an interview. Interviewing for a job as a disabled person isn’t that different from the experience a non-disabled person. However, as a disabled person, I do think there are a few extra things that we need to consider when we’re goingContinue reading “9 Tips To Prep For A Job Interview”