Supporting more disabled and neurodiverse talent into organisations

What is Bua?

Bua helps organisations to increase disabled and neurodiverse talent recruitment, retention and growth.

We work with businesses to increase neurodiverse/disabled awareness, benefits and accessibility.

We also work with individuals to improve confidence and knowledge to apply for work through free, online, accessible training and 1:1 mentorship.

We offer organisations different packages to improve their own policies, process and tech, and to support Bua’s training website.

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Bua believes that the stark under-representation of disabled and neurodiverse people in employment needs to change. Not only that, but there are tangible, real-world business benefits to employing more neurodiverse and disabled talent: improved employee retention, increased innovation, higher levels of creativity and improved employee diversity.

We define disability (including long-term health conditions) and neurodiversity as anyone who self-identifies as such, following the social model of disability.

We address barriers for both disabled and neurodiverse people not because these needs are similar, but because with simple changes you can make your organisation more inclusive for everyone. This extends into other protected characteristics.

Our social mission is to increase the number of disabled and neurodiverse people in sustainable, salaried employment.

By working with Bua, you will not only increase representation of disabled and neurodiverse people in your organisation, but also at Bua. Working with Bua means more disabled and neurodiverse people can access free training and development, we can employ more disabled and neurodiverse people and we can continue operating.

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We are proud to be a disability confident committed employer and a certified member of Social Enterprise UK
We are proud to be a certified member of Social Enterprise UK
We are proud to be a Disability Confident Committed employer